But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

I am not a guru. I am not a life coach. I do not consider myself to have achieved success in life, yet. So why should you read this blog? Because I’ve sifted through a lot, and I’ve found resources created by successful people, which were recommended by other successful people. I’ve spent thousands of hours in my search for good advice, and I want to help you jump start your own quest. Also, I’m hoping you’ll tell me about one I missed.

Tim Ferriss has taught me more than anyone. My girlfriend jokingly calls him my boyfriend. He grew up as a working-class Long Island townie, and got a Princeton education, wrote some best-selling books, and… did a lot of cool stuff. He interviews people who are successful and gets them to tell you how they got there, and he asks for their recommendations. Mostly, his guests are famous in business, tech, and sports. Tim’s own focus is on living a good life, not just making a bunch of money. Listen to his podcast or watch his TV show to witness these interviews, or read his blog or books to get the summary. Teaching is his passion, and he gives away all the information for free, but the books will get it to you in the most condensed form. There are many others similar to Tim Ferriss who interview the same guests, but I think Tim does it most thoroughly, efficiently, and honestly.

Debbie Millman is my favorite for interviewing more creative people. She has had her own successful career as a designer, and the people she interviews don’t overlap with most of the other podcasters out there. Debbie gets her guests to tell their stories while drawing out of them the specific actions they took along the way. Check out her free show, Design Matters.

Recomendo is an email newsletter put out by Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, and Claudia Dawson. It’s very short, just 6 random recommendations, and always has at least one item of interest.

I’ve read a lot of books about money, and if I had to pick only one, it would easily be Tony Robbins‘s Money: Master the Game. Maybe you’ve written Tony Robbins off as “that infomercial guy.” I did that for a while, but after hearing him interviewed, I believe he’s the real deal: a guy who started with very little and can teach other people to succeed in life, too. For his Money book, he interviewed the best in the business, and gets them to give advice that average Americans can follow to become financially independent. While I can’t offer myself as proof that this works –yet– I can say that it agrees with the advice in other well-regarded books. True, there are a bunch of critical blogs, but mostly their objections are caveats he offers in his book. Those blog posts only sound good if you haven’t read the whole book. Basically, they’re just writing contrary articles to earn a few advertising pennies. If this book is too big, I’ve heard that Unshakeable is like his own Cliffs Notes of Money.

So those are my picks of successful people presenting other successful people and giving their recommendations. Are there any resources you think I should know about, or any where you’d like to know why I didn’t include them? I have a Gmail account with the name elwoodjbergman. I’d be happy to hear from you.



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