Manage Time by Managing Attention

After realizing how important time is (see last post), I needed to find a better way to manage time. I started looking into what seemed intuitively right: efficiency and multi-tasking, but that was the wrong place to begin. People who get a lot done, do it by being effective, not efficient, and not busy. In other words, do less things every day, but make them important things. So, I have two books to recommend.

I first heard of Getting Things Done in a book about the music business by Jesse Cannon. Since then, I have noticed the book and methodology many places, mentioned in passing as “GTD.” Some resources, like the podcast, go way too deep. This should be a method to do what’s important to you, not a new hobby. That said, employing GTD methods, even partially and irregularly, will free up your mind, help you accomplish the important stuff, and bring you a sense of clarity and peace. Pretty awesome for a $10 book.

I heard of The Effective Executive from Tim Ferriss, the four hour guy (If you don’t know who he is already, look him up!). The Effective Executive is a classic, influencing successful people since it was written in the 1960’s. Many of Peter Drucker‘s ideas have been backed up with scientific research after it was written, and you will find many newer books which just expand upon one section of this one book.  It’s nicely summed up here.



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